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If we have not had our initial Q&A session, give us a call at (512) 825-1196 to go over the process.

  • If you are a person who likes to get started early, you can always get started on the loan application in advance.


Application: Web or Mobile App

  • For web version, click the "Apply Now" link on above.

  • Don't forget to save your application as you go & save your login info.

  • Please completely fill out the application; errors or omissions cause delays.

  • Non-married borrowers will complete separate applications.

  • Unless you are under contract, please enter "TBD" as the property address. 



We will typically send you an attachment with instructions for using our secure document system. This is included in our follow-up email and is specific to you. This will allow you to upload documents and send them to us securely. If we have not yet connected, you can also email all documents to us or share via a secured system (Dropbox,, etc.)


Credit Review 

We will review your credit report and check for errors or red flags. Credit errors or disputes are the number one cause of loan delays. We work to fix any errors before going under contract to help save you time and headaches. 



Congratulations, you are now officially pre-approved and are ready to start looking at homes with your trusted realtor! Please reach out once you are ready to make an offer so we can send over a custom pre-approval letter for your offer and Melanie can and give the listing agent a call for additional reassurance.

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